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February 23, 2024

PatternedAI is a text-based AI tool for creating unique, seamless patterns. The platform generates repeatable and seamless patterns, that can be used for a variety of things like textiles and home decor. It also supports high-resolution and SVG downloads, catering to both personal and enterprise needs. PatternedAI stands out for its ability to quickly produce creative, royalty-free designs. For more details, visit PatternedAI.

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PatternedAI creates seamlessly repeatable patterns for any platform. Its user-friendly interface is a great tool for working on creative projects and products like textiles and home decor.

Why PatternedAI?

PatternedAI has no other requirements. All you need is a text prompt of your design idea to generate the pattern instantly. It produces a high-resolution SVG file, which you can incorporate into any material which you can use for personal and professional use. Best of all, you can start using it for free!

How It Works

The tool works by using artificial intelligence to generate seamless, repeating patterns. You can enter a text description of the design you want, and the AI creates a pattern based on those specifications. The platform offers adjustability in pattern elements, allowing users to refine their designs. Once the pattern is generated, it can be downloaded in high-resolution or SVG format, suitable for various applications like textiles, wallpapers, and home decor. This process makes it easy for anyone to create custom, creative patterns quickly and efficiently. For more detailed information

Key Features

AI-generated patterns

Fast customization

High-resolution SVG downloads


Free for 20 credits, Starter for $10/mo, Standard for $30/mo

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