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February 26, 2024

Interior AI is a platform that leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize interior design. It offers tools that enables users to design spaces easily and efficiently. With the goal of simplifying the design process, it makes interior design accessible for those who don't have professional experience. Its focus on AI-driven solutions marks a novel approach in the field of interior design, blending technology with creativity to enhance user experience in space planning and decoration.

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Interior AI is an advanced design tool that generates design ideas for indoor spaces, merging creative design with the best of tech. It's a convenient and innovative approach for both professionals in the real estate and interior design industries, as well as for individuals looking to redesign their living spaces.

Why Interior AI?

Botcore enables the creation of personalized chatbots, supporting deployment on various environments. It can also enhance customer and employee engagement with the use of conversational AI. Not to mention, it can streamline business processes, reduce response times, and ultimately costs.

How It Works

Interior AI works by allowing users to upload photos of their rooms or spaces. Users can then specify their desired interior design style. Artificial intelligence then processes these inputs and generates photorealistic images of the redesigned space. This tool is particularly useful for visualizing different design options and making informed decisions about interior decoration.

Key Features

Wide range of interior styles

Transforms sketches into realistic photo generations

Cost-effective solution to interior design


Free trial, Pro at $29/mo

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