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Gabrielle Fernando


Content manager

Last update:
February 23, 2024

Jasper AI is an AI copilot designed for enterprise-level marketing teams to streamline projects and processes. It helps produce high-quality output at speed, ready for marketing campaign launches that meet brand requirements. You can expect to find an AI chatbot, art and copy generator, plus multiple language support. Ultimately, it's a full suite marketing tool that ensures efficiency for scaling teams.

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Best for marketing teams and enterprises who want to speed up production processes. With it you can make ready-to-launch marketing campaigns, long-form SEO optimized content, and social media posts, while also offering analytics and insights.

Why Jasper AI?

Create content at speed. This means writing and reviewing SEO-friendly copy quick minus the chance of plagiarism, creating images to supplement your text, all the while sticking to your brand guidelines. Its extensive language support enables teams to create for over 30 languages easily.

How It Works

The Jasper AI interface offers a Kanban board that allows you to keep track of projects, plot out your content calendar, and prompt the content production. It operates on GPT-4 to produce all the necessary text for things like emails, blog posts, social media captions, and more. You can then track performance and gather insights after your campaigns and posts are published.

Key Features

AI-assisted content creation

SEO optimization

Campaign creation

Image creation

AI chatbot

Multi-language support


Free trial, Creator at $39/mo, Pro at $59/mo

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