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Last update:
February 23, 2024

Homework AI is a mobile app designed to assist with homework. It helps provide answers to a range of educational questions, formulating texts, and offering simple explanations of difficult topics. The app saves you time and reduce frustration with the most challenging assignments. It operates 24/7, giving solution suggestions and clear explanations to help students learn in the process.

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Homework AI is ideal for students who need help in boosting their academic performance with accurate answers, solutions, and easy explanations for a variety of academic questions.

Why Homework AI?

Get answers to your homework questions quick. Learn in the process with the app's ability to formulate texts and simplify complex topics, making it a great tool for  students who struggle with understanding difficult concepts or need help in crafting their assignments.

How It Works

Enter your academic query in the app's Task field to generate an answer. You can even opt to translate or rewrite the question and answer.

Key Features

AI-powered answers

Text formulation to create long-form answers

Simple explanations



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