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Last update:
February 23, 2024

Clipdrop is an AI-powered tool that offers a suite of image editing features. It includes capabilities like swapping people in images, real-time text-to-image generation, background replacement, object removal, image uncropping, upscaling, and doodle transformation. The platform is designed to enhance visual content creation, offering easy integration of AI into various applications.

Tool Category:

Content marketing

Clipdrop revolutionizes the digital content creation process. Its ecosystem is designed for creators for complex image editing for the most creative ideas. It even has an API feature allowing for rapid integration of its AI tools into other apps, providing a versatile solution for content creators and developers.

Why Clipdrop?

It makes advanced image editing accessible for everyone. Got an idea in mind? Its generative AI capabilities allow you to create any type of image you can imagine. If you work with other platforms, you can integrate it easily to include it in your own workflow.

How It Works

Clipdrop works by using advanced AI algorithms to perform various image editing tasks. Users can upload an image, and the AI provides functionalities like removing or replacing the background, removing objects or people, and even creating images from text descriptions. The tool also offers image upscaling and uncropping features. Clipdrop's intuitive interface makes it easy for users to apply these complex edits with simple actions, significantly enhancing the efficiency and quality of visual content creation.

Key Features

Graphic design

Image editing

Social media content


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