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Konstantin Sadekov


Last update:
February 19, 2024

12ft.io was created to tackle the clutter caused by Google Adwords and SEO practices, aiming to simplify finding information online without popups or mandatory signups. By disabling JavaScript, it presents a cleaner version of websites, making it easier to access content. This approach works for many sites, especially those indexed by search engines. However, it's essential to use 12ft.io within the bounds of website terms and copyright.

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12ft.io emerges as a solution to the overwhelming clutter online, driven by Google Adwords and aggressive SEO strategies. It aims to declutter search results, providing a streamlined experience free from popups, ads, and mandatory newsletter signups.

Why 12ft.io?

The web has become a maze of SEO-optimized content and intrusive ads, making it difficult to find straightforward information. 12ft.io addresses this by offering a cleaner, distraction-free browsing experience.

How It Works

By prefixing "12ft.io/" to any webpage URL, the tool disables JavaScript, which is responsible for most visual distractions on websites. This approach is surprisingly effective for a wide range of sites, particularly those seeking search engine indexing, which typically does not involve running JavaScript.

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